TO CLEAN AND POLISH: For normal cleaning use non-abrasive liquid household cleaner.We recommend keeping the surface polished to a high gloss with Hope's Cultured Marble Polish.

Kits are now available to repair damage from ordinary wear and tear, scratches, and burns. Call for current price information.

CAUTION: Always mix hot water with cold. Keep your water heater set lower than 150 degrees. DO NOT PLACE lighted cigarettes on this surface. If cigarette burns or other unusually heavy stains occur, use toothpaste, or 600 grit wet sandpaper. Then polish with Hopes Cultured Marble Polish or buff with auto polish.

All products sold are guaranteed to be of standard quality and are warranted against defects in workmanship or material under normal use for one year after original date of purchase. Buyer must give quick, reasonable notice of any defects. Buyer assumes all risks and liability whatsoever resulting from the use or handling of material whether used singly or in combination with other products or installations.
There are no warranties which extend beyond the description above. In all events buyer's sole remedy for breach of warranty and/or defective materials is expressly limited to replacement of goods rightfully rejected, or refund of purchase price for goods rightfully rejected, at seller's option, and the seller shall be in no case liable otherwise or for indirect or consequential damages.
Use of plumber's putty, overtightening drain, or non-payment VOIDS ALL WARRANTY.


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